Dennis Hetland Is Always Caring For His Patients

Dr. Dennis Hetland thinks in questions. His passion is found in searching for answers to the questions—to become a difference maker. This means he is always looking for ways to help improve patients’ lives and experiences in the dental office. And it was after seeing dental patients, especially sedation patients, with undiagnosed and untreated sleep apnea in his dental practice that he started asking what more could be done.

The search for an answer has lead him to the International Academy of Sleep (IAOS). An organization who’s core belief is that dentistry is at the forefront in being able to detect subtle changes in the mouth that can reveal potential sleep issues. IAOS seeks to create simple, reliable systems to allow for the screening, testing, and treatment of sleep apnea. And using these tools to help other healthcare professionals realize the impact detection and diagnosis of sleep apnea can have on the patients they serve.

Dr. Hetland’s mission in life is to help people. There’s no better way to fulfill this mission than to help extend and enhance the lives of those affected by sleep apnea.


  • – American Dental Association
  • – Academy of General Dentistry
  • – North Dakota Dental Association
  • – Crown Council
  • – Fellowship International Academy of Sleep, 2019
  • – Wickenburg Chamber of Commerce

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