Patty thrives when it comes to organizing and creating materials and processes to help the everyday activities of the business run smoothly. As a corporate communications specialist for years, she enjoyed the challenge of transforming technical jargon into something people could relate to and connect with, and those skills come in handy today when talking about sleep apnea.

She loves making a difference in patients’ quality of life and knowing that years are being added to their lives when they choose to treat their sleep apnea. She often wonders about how many more life events—Christmases, birthdays, anniversaries, dances, births of children or grandchildren—people will get to witness because they chose not to ignore the warning signs of sleep apnea.

Full disclosure—Patty and Dr. Hetland have been married for more than 35 years. They have two amazing adult children who have hearts for helping others—especially children. From early on in their marriage, they developed a love for exploration and new adventures. So, when the opportunity to pool their talents and passions together to help people not only enhance but also extend their lives presented itself, they could not resist embarking on the next great adventure together.