CPAP machines are a common treatment for sleep apnea. However, there are a few problems that come along with them. Here are a couple of those problems you may also be experiencing with your CPAP:

Q: Can I use a CPAP with a beard?


Fitting your CPAP just right is difficult enough without your facial hair getting in the way. Using a CPAP mask liner or full face mask can help sidestep this issue. You may also need to finetune the pressure settings to get it just right.

Q: I can’t sleep with the mask against my face all night. How can I make it easier to sleep with my CPAP?


We understand. Your CPAP is supposed to make sleeping easier, but the mask can be uncomfortable. One practical solution you can try is to wear the mask at different points throughout the day so you’re more used to it. Remember, a variety of masks are available.

Q: How loud is a CPAP machine? Is it supposed to be that loud?


Older models of CPAP machines made a loud noise when turned on, but most newer models are virtually silent. If you do hear a noise, there could be something blocking the air filter that’s causing the noise.

Q: The CPAP is supposed to clear my airway, but I feel like I’m suffocating. Is this normal?


That suffocating feeling is usually due to your ramp setting starting off too low. A low setting would be around 4 cm H2O, so you may want to start your ramp around 7-8 cm instead. Your CPAP provider can help with the right settings for you.

Q: I’m going camping this weekend and am worried about if/how to use my CPAP while camping. Have any tips?


Looking into smaller CPAP machines meant for travel may be a great investment for you if you’re passionate about the outdoors. The newer models are virtually silent, so you likely won’t be bothering your co-campers. Be sure to look into other travel accessories like lightweight masks, battery packs, and portable cleaning supplies. Some CPAP users have found using an oral appliance while traveling a great option.