Sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder that should be treated right away. Many sleep apnea treatment options are available, and they typically deliver immediate results. Our practice offers a number of treatment options for sleep apnea. Dr. Hetland will evaluate your unique case of sleep apnea and will recommend the best treatment for you.


A standard treatment option for sleep apnea is a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine. The CPAP pushes air into your lungs through a mask fitted over your nose and mouth. This continuous flow of pressure keeps your airway open and clear while you sleep.

When used nightly, the CPAP is very effective at stopping sleep apnea symptoms. We can help coordinate efforts between your physician, a sleep physician, and our office to help you with your CPAP, should you choose that method.


Sleep apnea treatment is only useful if it actually helps you sleep soundly all night long. We offer alternatives to the CPAP that can comfortably keep your airway clear while you sleep.

Oral appliance for sleep apnea: A dental oral appliance looks like a mouthguard you can wear while you sleep, but it is specifically designed to keep your lower jaw in a forward position. Dr. Hetland can customize a fitted appliance for your comfort. Oral appliances are our most effective alternative to CPAP machines.

In some situations, an oral appliance can be worn in conjunction with the CPAP for maximum results.

Lifestyle changes: Sleep apnea can sometimes be resolved through simple habit and lifestyle changes. Losing a little weight or sleeping in a different position can often make all the difference in keeping your airway clear at night.

We can discuss your current habits and help you implement any changes that can relieve your sleep apnea symptoms, especially when combined with an oral appliance.

Surgery: Some cases of sleep apnea are caused by extra throat tissue or enlarged tonsils. If we feel you could benefit from having these issues surgically removed or repaired, we will refer you to a specialist.

By coordinating care with your physician, a sleep physician, and our practice, your medical insurance may cover some of these treatment options. We will work with you to see if your insurance can cover the treatment you need.

If you’re ready to sleep well and breathe easy again, REMedies Sleep Solutions is ready to help! Call or visit us today to start discussing which treatment option is best for you.