“I have been a patient of Dr. Hetland and his team for several years. As a Sleep Apnea sufferer I formerly used a CPAP machine every night, but after a period of time I simply couldn’t take it anymore. I know many users have the same issue. I had read about the oral appliance as an alternative to the CPAP machine and consulted with Dr Hetland. He fitted me with the appliance (much like an athletic mouth guard) and I’ve never looked back. It’s been years and I sleep perfectly and couldn’t be happier. My sleep doctor is very supportive of the appliance too.
“I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this appliance as an excellent solution if you can’t deal with the CPAP machine. More importantly, I highly recommend Dr. Hetland and his team. They make the process a breeze, they are great communicators during the set-up process and they are always there to make adjustments to make the appliance such a great nightly experience. top suffering with your CPAP machine and call Designer Smiles!”


“I am incredibly impressed with how thorough their evaluation is for people who are dealing with sleep related disorders such as sleep apnea. If you or a loved one is suffering from snoring or daytime exhaustion, call REMedies 4 Sleep right away!”


“I hated my CPAP. I could never get comfortable so I rarely used it. I’m so glad I found Dr. Hetland and got a custom sleep appliance. It has forever changed my nightly routine—I actually sleep comfortably!”


“My snoring was so bad that my wife would sleep in the spare bedroom. After getting a sleep study and choosing an appliance perfect for me, my wife and I can sleep in the same room again.”


“Treating my sleep apnea with an oral appliance has made me feel like a new person. Not only did my symptoms improve, but my quality of life also improved dramatically. And all I have to do is wear the appliance at night. How easy is that? I have more energy to chase after my grandchildren and feel shaper throughout the day. I’m happy to say I’ve won a lot more cribbage games lately! My wife says she sleeps better too now that I don’t snore or scare her with all the times I used to stop breathing.”


“Dr. Hetland told me that treating my sleep apnea would help with some of my other health issues. He was right! My blood pressure has gone down and several other numbers have improved. I never realized how better sleep could help in so many areas.”


“I love my sleep appliance. It is so much easier to travel with than my CPAP machine.”


“I fought getting tested for sleep apnea for years, even though I knew I had it. I just didn’t want to be tied to a CPAP machine. I’m glad I found Dr. Hetland and got a sleep appliance. It’s easy and convenient and I’m not restricted to just sleeping on my back.”


“Dr. Hetland told me he was worried about me because I have heart disease and that 50% of people with heart disease also have sleep apnea. Not getting the quality sleep to help repair my body at night put me at greater risk. I didn’t want to wait for a full-blown heart attack before doing something. Dr. Hetland helped me get tested and now I use a CPAP machine.”


“The at-home sleep test was so easy and convenient.”